God gently weans us day by day
From our affections on this earth
And stirs the fires within our breast
For higher glories far away
Where angels sing
God's splendid worth,
And saints enjoy their heavenly rest.

O God, our gaze is turned toward You.
We long to see You in the sky.
Our hearts give up their passions here,
Exchanged for higher, heavenly view,
When from earth's sorrows we shall fly
And rush into your presence there.

To be with God, what sweet release
Where sins and trials press no more!
In heaven we'll bear no heavy things-
No grief, no pain to spoil out peace.
We'll live with God, and evermore
Enjoy the rest redemption brings.
-Nancy Spiegelberg

© 1968 - 2001 Nancy Spiegelberg All Rights Reserved

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