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I'd Like to Ask God - Christian Poetry and Greeting Cards
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Me - Win Riches?

I have to admit “me” and “earn riches” in the e-mail address had me wondering how materialistic the greeting card winner might be. Did this person enter as many contests as possible to win things?

Well, I was partly right, and partly very wrong. The reply I received from Bonnie, when I notified her that she had won the contest, humbled me. I’d asked her to write a few words about herself.

Dear Nancy,

About us, I am a disabled, pretty much home bound single mom on a fixed income. My daughter is a senior in high school, and turns 18 on the 15th of November. This year has been really rough on us financially because of minor disasters that have taken up all our reserves, so to try and give my daughter those little extras like makeup, clothes, and such; I try and win them on the net. They are never much, but her eyes always get that little sparkle when we receive something unexpected in the mail. That makes ME feel a little better about what she has to go without.

Here are Jessica’s selections, and thanks for running the contest! Tender Mercies, Spring Filly, Daylilies at Dawn, Different Answers, If Only I Had Known, Growing Times, The Call, Banner Over Us is Love.

I was struck by the maturity of Jessica’s choices. She went for poems with serious themes of God’s tender-loving care for us, and of our call to dedication to Him. She could have chosen cards with pretty pictures and no poem or no scripture inside.

Here is Bonnie’s second message to me:

I am touched to my core. As I sit here and try to think of what to type, I am at a loss. If you wish to post my email address, please feel free. But, as we always do, we manage to make it through tough times with a great sense of peace and humor.

Jess is the light of my life, and at times, especially lately, I find myself apologizing for things that no parent should have to apologize for, like not being able to buy her senior pictures or her embarrassment today when we were in Wal-Mart doing our monthly grocery shopping and the belt she was wearing tore apart while we were in a crowded aisle (she had not told me it had broken, but instead had duct taped it together and wore it anyway). Her face was a sight! Then, she just burst out laughing when I called her the “Spokes Model for Duct Tape!” Because, it seems like her answer to everything from torn jeans to withering school backpacks, and now belts, is to apply duct tape!

Unlike so many of the youth today, she seems to understand that material goods like clothes and possessions are not very important, it is the way in which we interact with and treat others that is the true meaning of “style”. She seems to never complain which makes my heart swell with pride.

I am truly blessed.

She really had a great time deciding which cards she wanted to select! If at all possible, I would be extremely grateful if the cards arrived for her birthday. Again, thank you, for your contest and graciousness.


I am humbled, too, by the uncomplaining spirit, and sense of humor these two women exhibit. Their words exhibit the best of Thanksgiving gratitude and of Cbristmas giving.

Lord willing, I shall be gone to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, to Chicago, and to St. Petersburg over Thanksgiving, Christmas, and into the New Year.

Through the holidays, and beyond, let us celebrate the goodness of the Lord to us with thankful hearts and with worship, adoration, and devotion.


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