I'd Like to Ask God - Christian Poetry and Greeting Cards
I'd Like to Ask God - Christian Poetry and Greeting Cards
Inspirational Christian poetry and greeting cards by author Nancy Spiegelberg - Expressing God's Magnificence Today
Panegyric Impossible
Highest Praise

What can we do or say that gives God His proper praise? Can His magnificence be put into words? This month's poem "Panegyric Impossible" asks that question. What is a panegyric? Word Perfect's dictionary defines panegyric as a speech or text in praise of someone or something. Merriam Webster's gives the idea of formal tribute: a eulogistic oration or writing; also formal or elaborate praise.

We know something of God's person and character from scripture. We see evidences of His working in the lives of people. We have historical references to substantiate Jesus' authenticity. We look at Jesus, who was the effulgence, the radiant splendor, the brilliance of God.

Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person,
and upholding all things by the word of his power,
when he had by himself purged our sins,
sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high....
Hebrews 1:3 KJV

Recently, I bought a Photo-Objects software program to help with making my graphic poems and greeting cards. I debated whether or not to keep it because of the cost. I wondered if there would be enough use from it to justify the outlay. That was until I looked at the butterfly section. Seeing the intricate patterns and colors of the insects, I was awed by God's design. He must love color, diversity, even extravagance. He could have made a few butterflies and called it quits. But why so many? Did He do it for His own pleasure? For ours? Maybe He knew some observers would be struck by the thought that each butterfly can be identified exactly by characteristics, which remain the same wherever that type of butterfly may exist. Could evolution's theory explain that?

I've often thought about the human body. How is it that people all over the world have the same basal body temperature? Why do our body systems work in the same ways, with predictability? Scripture tells us that we all have the same blood.That is a proved scientific knowledge.

God that made the world and all things therein,
seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth,
dwelleth not in temples made with hands;
neither is worshipped with men's hands,
as though he needed any thing,
seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;
and hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth,
and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;
that they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him,
and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:
Acts 17:24-27 KJV

Living in Ohio, I have been hearing about the debate over teaching Intelligent Design in public schools, alongside evolutionary theory. To me, God's design and perfection is so evident in everything around us, that I feel sorry that some earnest people, trained in science, can't see past the scientific method to causes. Again, the scripture says:

...because that which may be known of God is manifest in them;
for God hath showed it unto them.
For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are made,
even his eternal power and Godhead;
so that they are without excuse:
because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God,
neither were thankful;
but became vain in their imaginations,
and their foolish heart was darkened.
Romans 1: 19-21 KJV

Nature, situations, literature, and so many more evidences literally cry out that God is wonderful.God is powerful. God is creative. God is interesting and stimulating. God is love. God is caring. God has all things under control according to His perfect timetable. And God will take us one day to be with Him in that perfect, intriguing, wonderful place that Jesus is preparing for those who love Him and His appearing. He has said that He is making a room ready for each believer. Glory for us!

I can't begin to put into words what my heart feels. I can't, with human expression, do justice to our infinite, perfect God whose glory outshines the sun.

I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.
My soul shall make her boast in the LORD:
the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. O magnify the LORD with me, and let us exalt his name together.
Psalm 34:1-3 KJV

- Nancy Spiegelberg


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Darwinian Struggle March 11 Time Magazine In Ohio, some members of the state school board want to downgrade the theory of natural selection in the biology curriculum guidelines. If their effort succeeds, Darwin's theory would have to share the blackboard with a school of thought called "intelligent design theory." File Date 03.07.02

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