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I'd Like to Ask God - Christian Poetry and Greeting Cards
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May 2005 article - Hand made cards to raise funds for The Jesus Cares ministry

Dear Nancy,

Firstly I want to tell you that you are so gifted, your poetry is beautiful! My name is AnnaMaria Cronin and I am making hand made cards to raise funds for Jesus Cares mininistry in Rustenburg, South Africa who are taking care of over 700 children who are hungry and orphaned due to the aids crisis. I wonder if I could have your permission to use some of your poetry on the cards. All profits will go to Jesus Cares Ministry. Please let me know and if you cant I understand but please let me know one way or the other.

Just to tell you a bit more about the ministry, it is run by Cliff and Andre Scott, a lovely couple who are totally commited to these precious children. The ministry has 18 volunteers and 5 full time staff. At the moment they are feeding over 700 children, 2 good nutrious meals a week. Each child recieves a track suite and a blanket each winter.

We celebrate their birthdays and comfort and encourage them when they loose a parent to Aids, most have lost one or both parents and some are ill themselves. We also give them each a box with various items for Christmas. At the moment we are needing to build a safe haven for the children where we can bring them and look after them until family members are notified after the death of a parent.

We had one family of 5 a mother, grand dad and 3 children (13, 7, 2) they live in a shack that is not even big enough to fit a double bed matress in, no running water, no electricity. The mother has died of Aids and the grandfather is very ill too. We need somewhere that we can bring these children to and it would have been wonderful if we had a place to bring the whole family and take care of them.

The ministry is a faith ministry, they don't ask for any money, but I volunteered there for 4 years and saw for myself their struggles and desperate effort to help the children. I had to move back to the UK because of bad health and after much praying and asking God, I came up with the idea of making cards and selling them to raise money for the safe haven. I'm not any good at writing though so I am ever so grateful for your permission to use your beautiful poetry.

I hope one day if you get the chance you will go to South Africa and visit the ministry yourself, you will be so blessed by the love these children show. South Africa is a very beautiful country and it's people are beautiful too.

God bless you Nancy, and I cant find words to say enough thank yous.

With love from,

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