Heavenly Airs
Lord God,
  in silence
  I strain to hear
    a flow of music
    sweet sounds
    heavenly airs.

Will Your spirit
  give me ears to hear,
  enlighten my being 
  to comprehend
Your themes and rhythms
  imprinted upon
  the universe?

The morning stars
  sang together 
  when Jesus The Son
  spoke forth all things
  lovely for us to enjoy
with Him
and in Him.

Singing a hymn of wonder,
  praising Your genius
  of imagination and 
I stand on tiptoe, waiting,
  attention fixed upon
  Your coming,    
eager to enter 
into mysteries
  as yet unseen, unheard.
- Nancy Spiegelberg 
© 1968 - 2001 Nancy Spiegelberg All Rights Reserved
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