The Call

The call to glory
comes so
to some
snatched through
the valley 
of the shadow
in an instant
into the Presence
of Him
Who is
"The blessed and only sovereign,
The King of Kings and
Lord of Lords;
Who alone possesses immortality
and dwells
in unapproachable light."

And we who stand
and blink at
sudden tears
that flow as
swiftly as
the too short years
can scarcely realize
God's servant
stands complete,
transformed, accepted
there before
God's glorious seat
having already entered
into the joy of the Lord.

And others linger 
in the tide 
of life 
and consciousness 
that ebbs and flows 
through mingled pains 
and will not 
allow them 
go directly 
to the other side, 
but holds them 
for a time and a season 
not yet complete. 

Their eyes and aspirations 
catch visions 
of those gone on before. 
They long for God's 
appointed hour 
when they shall 
at last 
embark upon 
life's greatest adventure: 
being carried safely 
waiting Lord. 
- Nancy Spiegelberg

Scripture quoted
I Timothy 6:15, 16 (NAS)
© 1968 - 2001 Nancy Spiegelberg All Rights Reserved

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